Mobile Security Guard

Emergency Security Management (ESM) provides mobile security for highly efficient, effective, and affordable security guard, emergency & alarm response and parking control services. Insurance companies recognize mobile security guard patrols for potential discounts.

Mobile security patrols keep overhead costs to a minimum with flexibility and availability to increase coverage during events or when incidents occur. The mobile response unit patrols the perimeter, building exterior and provides floor-by-floor coverage. They verify all vehicles are authorized to be parked on your parking lot and much more. Where other providers only conduct “drive by” service, ESM is able to detect and provide evidence for a larger volume of incidents. ESM security will provide verification including photographic, electronic check in or integrate with your static building security.

ESM provides a free 24-hour dispatch line for clients, fast response times and marked and well-maintained security vehicles. Our security professionals will deal with the situation based on pre-agreed upon instructions and escalation protocols. Full Incident Reports will be emailed to your contact in addition to immediate telephone contact.

Call 24 Hours 1-888-842-8109