Emergency Security Management - delivering fast response, reliable, professional security services to the insurance industry, corporate, extractive and restoration, amongst others. We ensure site continuity is established and maintained providing daily log reports, documentation of approved access and egress, evidential continuity, asset protection and safety compliance. ESM maintains close relationships with first responders, fire investigators, law enforcement, restoration companies, adjusters and brokers, providing a fast and reliable response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fire Post Loss & Site Continuity

ESM provides industry leading security services for insurance providers, restoration companies, property owners, fire services and the Office of the Fire Marshall to secure post loss fire sites providing site security, safety, continuity and chain of custody.

Fire Watch Security Guard

ESM provides Fire Watch for fire departments, commercial enterprises, construction, restoration companies and remote work sites under Provincial Fire Code Regulation, Municipal/City Bylaws and the Fire Protection & Prevention Act requirements.

Catastrophic Event Response

ESM have been providing disaster response services for over 40 years to insurance, restoration, corporate and government agencies within Canada.

Mobile Security Guard

Emergency Security Management provides mobile security for highly efficient, effective, and affordable security guard, emergency & alarm response and parking control services. Insurance companies recognize mobile security guard patrols for potential discounts.

Event Security

ESM provides professional security personnel who are focused on customer service and professionalism. Our team act as friendly and approachable ambassadors for your event and organization, maintaining high-visibility and ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Loss Prevention

ESM Solutions’ Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) combine our proven methods of investigation with theft reduction and intervention strategies to deter, detect and aid in the prosecution of theft, always considering our clients reputation and brand.