We take great pride in providing the specialized security service our clients require, regardless of the location or security challenge.


Checking the temperature of a person with a mask on using a digital thermometer.

Covid-19 Health Screening Security

ESM provides this essential prevention measure to protect your facility and reduce your risk.

Security guard on site with hard hat and high visibility vest on with the ESM logo and Security written on the back

Fire Post Loss & Site Continuity

ESM secures sites post-loss, ensuring security, safety, and continuity.

A security manager in front of multiple computer screens with various screenshots of a building.

Loss Prevention

Theft reduction and intervention strategies to detect and deter theft.

Security guard checking a hallway with a flashlight in security jacket and hat.

Mobile Security Guard

Efficient and affordable security guards and alarm responders.

Sunset with an eagle flying in front of oil pump jacks.

Pipeline Monitoring

ESM partners with Indigenous communities to train staff to secure pipeline facilities.

Cars lining up on a street watching a forest fire behind the tree line.

Catastrophic Event Response

Our disaster response service supports insurance, restoration, corporate and government agencies anywhere in Canada.


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As Canada’s only true provider of investigative and risk mitigation services from coast to coast, we pride ourselves to reach 90% of the Canadian population within two hours or less.

Map of Canada with foot prints going to Quebec