Security Services in Saskatoon

Contact our Saskatoon branch for fast, reliable security services to protect your property, assets, and people. Short- and long-term assignments available. Deployment and setup 24/7. Request a quote today.

COVID-19 Health Screening Security in Saskatoon

This essential prevention measure in Saskatoon protects your facility and reduces your risk.

Fire Post Loss and Site Continuity in Saskatoon

Secure post loss fire sites. Provide site security, safety, continuity and chain of custody in Saskatoon.

Fire Watch Security Guard in Saskatoon

ESM provides Fire Watch for fire departments, commercial enterprises, construction, restoration companies and remote work sites in Saskatoon.

Catastrophic Event Response in Saskatoon

Unequaled response times and capabilities in Saskatoon including security personnel, logistics, emergency lodging, and scene management, often within hours of the incident.

Loss Prevention in Saskatoon

Loss prevention audits are an invaluable tool for retail, logistics and transportation providers in Saskatoon.

Pipeline Monitoring in Saskatchewan

ESM partners with Indigenous communities to train staff to secure pipeline facilities including refineries, docks, transit facilities, camps.

Remote Camp Security in Saskatchewan

As a trusted partner of some of Saskatchewan's largest oil and gas companies, ESM is well positioned to face the unique challenges of camp security.

Long Term Site Security in Saskatoon

Industry-leading site security, safety, continuity, and chain of custody for insurance providers, restoration companies, property owners, and communities in Saskatoon.

Mobile Security Guards in Saskatoon

Mobile security in Saskatoon for highly efficient, effective, and affordable security guard, emergency & alarm response and parking control services.

Event Security in Saskatoon

Our security teams work closely with event organizers and local emergency services in Saskatoon, providing crowd control, protective services and emergency management.


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