Mike Charbonneau

Regional Manager, Risk Solutions Western Canada

Mr. Charbonneau is licensed as an investigator, close protection operative, and security professional specializing in counter-surveillance, risk assessment and mitigation, policy creation and implementation, and field operative management. Mr. Charbonneau is a certified Countermeasures Technician who leads the Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) team for ESM in Canada. He specializes in radio frequency and signal analysis, as well as structural design and materials related to eavesdropping/surveillance mitigation. Mr. Charbonneau has over a decade of Private Security experience and has performed numerous technical countermeasures surveys for private and public corporations and service providers across Canada.

Mr. Charbonneau also performs Threat Risk Assessments of field sites and corporate offices in the extractive and corporate sectors, providing valuable recommendations for mitigating risk via implementing procedures and physical/structural improvements. He has also authored various policy documents in conjunction with the Risk Assessment component, such as Threat Response plans and “Active Shooter/Lockdown” policies. He holds a current Investigator, Executive Protection and Security Professional license in the Province of Alberta. He is a certified TSCM specialist via REI, the premier manufacturer of sweep equipment.