Insurance security

At Emergency Security Management (ESM Solutions) we take great pride in delivering this unique security service to our Insurance clients.  With a vast array of emergency trained individuals on staff we will make sure that security site control is established, documentation of approved individual access is recorded and all safety concerns are addressed and dealt with. A big part of ESM’s success is having close relationships with fire services, adjusters and brokers 24/7 365 days a year. ESM values strong communication between our security professionals and the insurance representative. We believe our quick quality service will be a credit to your business. 

Investigation and Subrogation 

ESM Security will make sure that only authorized access is granted onto a loss site in order to create a chain of custody and establish continuity.  We accomplish this through detailed sign in procedures, establishing an ingress and egress point and initiating a high level of documentation.


Safety is the utmost concern at a fire loss site and most insurance company policies carry a liability component. ESM will make sure that all people granted access to the site have the proper safety gear required and that children / spectators are kept away at a safe distance.

Theft, Property Protection and Patrolling

ESM on site will prevent further losses of property and salvage due to content theft, rekindling of fires or unforeseen rain storms. We are vigilant in our patrolling and will notify the insurance company of any additional loss potential and prevent unforeseen ones.

Fire Watch Services

ESM security has a full understanding of the municipal laws for fire watch details and requirements. We keep accurate log notes of patrols and will notify the local fire department if a call in procedures is required every 30 minutes.

Residential Escorting

In many instances after a condo or multi-complex fire the residents are displaced and evacuated. ESM security can help set protocols for re-admittance scheduling and conduct security escorts for the resident to remove valuables and clothing after the emergency has subsided.


We will protect our clients by implementing defensive measures and avoid confrontation by de-escalating potentially violent situations. Our protection team employs detailed advance research and planning to create an environment where clients are fully protected with minimum interruption to their activities, allowing them to conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced military and law enforcement personnel who will ensure safety is achieved. 

ESM customizes security plans, strategies and resources for your corporate assets considering site-specific identification of security threats and vulnerabilities.  Prioritized recommendations are developed and implemented based on a cost/benefit analysis with realistic preventative and pro-active approaches. We will research, organize and plan security with Clients to meet the needs of an organization and operations including the use of technological solutions and integrated security systems based on our own applications and personal experience.


Our undercover Loss Prevention Officers will save money and contribute to your return on security investment. Our goal is to deter, detect and aid in the prosecution of theft, but we will do so with your image in mind. Our professionalism will be an extension of your professionalism. ESM will reduce your losses and will reduce your risk. We operate with our Client’s liability in mind every shift. We focus on both external and internal theft issues, and fully appreciate the sensitivities associated with both. Our reporting is “real time”, our statistics are provided in a bi-weekly synopsis, our schedule is electronically monitored. We are fully accountable for everything we do. 

Our "Brand" of Loss Prevention is the direct result of combining our proven methods of investigation with theft reduction and intervention strategies to provide our clients with a better bottom line. We expose our staff to all levels of our unique training and investigative skill development, which we feel offers our people better information, so they can do a better job.

Loss prevention audits are an invaluable service. Before implementing a security or loss prevention program, or to assess your current program, or to review your internal best practices, it is only by conducting an audit that you can determine what your needs are and be able to measure your return on security investment. Our audit process will allow you to make informed decisions on how to use security and loss prevention properly and how to avoid spending money on services you do not need. We will add focus and impact that will have a dramatic effect on your liability exposure, profit and workplace well being. 


We provide our clients with the information and control solutions to ensure their business continuity plans are realized. Our tailored security services will assist your business in identifying harmful situations, providing the appropriate legal solution and reducing the effect on your Company’s bottom line. Our customized business solutions focus on labour disruption services and litigation support, security consulting, training services and workplace monitoring. ESM Global Management provides superior solutions to Canada’s industry leaders in planning and achieving operational and policy requirements. As we are focussed on business, we ensure that personal safety, site security, business needs and other risks are fully addressed.

Labour Disruption Services

To ensure minimal disruption, our experienced security consultants will confirm all of your operational and security requirements on our first visit. The calm and precise manner in which we manage our operational plan, in conjunction with your business continuity plan, will increase overall safety, ensure the plan’s success, and reduce tensions between management and unionized staff upon their return to work.

Workplace Monitoring

Today’s “solution-based” employers benefit greatly from our discreet and confidential, internal or external workplace monitoring programs. Successful companies thrive in safe, positive and respectful workplace environments and our programs allow your company to flourish in those conditions.

Security Consulting

Our licensed, industry-certified consultants provide detailed site assessments and consultations, resulting in plans and procedures that are both preventative and responsive.

Logistical Support

Emergency Security Management provides a multitude of logistical and transportation services to ensure that a project operates efficiently. By coordinating our services with your operational plan, we can reduce your managers’ workload, enabling them to concentrate on other areas.


Our new service line is ‘real time’ video monitoring. This program is focused on retail loss prevention, using our unique system to detect shoplifters and deter a crime before it occurs while making a significant impact on cost and shrinkage.  The program includes camera and voice over installation, development of site specific operating procedures and staff training and orientation. The system also has voice over capability, where we will be able to speak directly to clients, suspects, and police at the point where an incident is occurring. Our staff in the ActiveScan control center will be able to connect directly into an “on site” phone or speaker system and direct staff to prevent the escalation of a situation through using deterrent language, or communicate with first responders in case of fire, gas leaks or medical emergencies. 

We will have the ability to assist clients and or their staff with escorts to vehicles, sweep and clear a parking lot with the cameras before staff exit a building to walk to their vehicle, and once completed advise them that it is safe to proceed or facilitating access control to prohibited or restricted areas by requesting people to produce their identification tag and establish facial recognition.  The system can not only have significant impact on a loss prevention program, but creates an overall security matrix through live viewing of critical access points, arrival and departure routes, interior and exterior work zones. It is deterrent based and designed to avoid confrontation at the point of arrest, reduce claims and increase overall safety. We will be intelligence and information focused, assisting our clients with building a comprehensive information platform that will use suspect intelligence and statistical reference points to best direct their loss prevention program. Our model focuses on reducing risk to our client’s brands. We can reduce loss prevention costs by 30 to 50 percent. 


Workplace Monitoring - is the act of gathering information about an employee through the use of monitoring implements or devices for performance evaluations or untoward activity.  Though this can result in a more productive, safer and secure workforce, there are ethical and privacy concerns to monitoring, particularly outside of the workplace if not done by a professionally licensed third party. Ways in which monitoring can be performed are by software, email, phone*, video, GPS*, surveillance and undercover operatives.

The following uses of employee information are generally considered legal:

  • Find needed business information when the employee is not available

  • Protect security of proprietary information and data. 

  • Prevent or investigate possible criminal activities by employees. 

  • Prevent personal use of employer facilities. 

  • Check for violations of company policy against sending offensive or pornographic email. 

  • Investigate complaints of harassment. 

  • Check for illegal software.